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March 11, 2017
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Welcome To AdsCrypto
CryptoCurrency Based Digital Advertising and Revenue Share Platform
AdsCrypto is a Global and Digital Advertising Platform which delivers very thigh quality targeted traffic to your online advertisement needs. If you an online entrepreneur or marketer looking for leads and sales generation for your online offline programs, products; Look no further, AdsCrypto: A Bitcoin Revshare, Traffic Exchange and PTC website, is the perfect solution! We offer cryptocurrency based revenue sharing platform on advt pack purchases which benefits you as a reward. The advertising plans are prepared with lots of calculations in view of long term sustainability to the site with stable and productive earnings to its members. High quality traffic sources and residual earnings this site can offer you. We welcome you and hope you will like its services.
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  • 100% Bitcoin RevShare + PTC + Traffic Exchange website
  • A Rev Share where inflows are greater than outflows Check
  • A Rev Share which will eliminate the perception "is it late to join? "
  • A Rev share with Mathematically proven stable plans
  • Member to Member Cash Balance Transfer
  • Commission, PTC and Earning Balance Withdrawable
  • Internal Revenue Source from all types of Advertising
  • External Revenue Source from Crypto Currency Trading, with Pool of Experienced Bitcoin and Altcoin Traders
  • Cash Link Ads, Solo Ads, Rotator Ads, Advt Pack purchase Ads, Withdrawal Ads, Logout Ads, Affiliate Programs, 2nd Phase: Google AdSense, Currency Exchanges
  • Official Facebook Crypto Trade Group Click Here
  • Our Affiliate Programs Click Here
  • Google 2-Step Verification
  • Quick Support & Fast Payouts
Offers For Advertisers
  • Affordable and Quality Advertising Packages
  • 24/7 Live, Round-the-clock visibility
  • Targeted, Guaranteed High Quality and Quick Traffic
  • Traffic from External Sources
  • Tailor made Advertising Packages
Offers For Members
  • Up to 125% activity rewards on active advt pack positions with quality online & crypto currency user traffic
  • 5% Referral Commission on Cash Deposits
  • 0.01 BTC Minimum Deposit and No Max limit
  • 0.001 BTC Minimum Cash Out and 1 BTC Max Cash Out Per Day (Mon-Fri)
  • 0.001 BTC Minimum Cash Out for PTC (Paid to Click) Earnings
  • Fast Payouts (Auto / Manual)
  • Earnings from Cash Link (PTC) Ads, Free & Paid Members can earn & withdraw good amount of Satoshi's, 100% Sponsor Bonus
  • No Repurchase Rule - Members can withdraw or compound all their Earnings
  • Daily Revenue Share from advt packs starts at 1.2% up to 2.5%
  • Up to 240% Withdrawal Limit on Total Cash Deposits (2.4X) (variable)
Our AdPacks
Maturity up to 125%
Max Advt Packs 50
Daily Earnings  up to 2.5%
No Repurchase Rule
No Membership Required
5% Referral Commission (On Cash Purchase Only)
2000 Banner Ads Credit,
4000 Text Ads Credit,
1000 Traffic Exchange
Surfing Credits
Maturity up to 120%
Max Advt Packs 100
Daily Earnings up to 2.5%
No Repurchase Rule
Alpha Membership Required 0.01btc/month
5% Referral Commission (On Cash Purchase Only)
4000 Banner Ads Credit,
6000 Text Ads Credit,
2000 Traffic Exchange Surfing
Maturity up to 115%
Max Advt Packs 200
Daily Earnings up to 2.5%
No Repurchase Rule
Beta Membership Required 0.02btc/month
5% Referral Commission (On Cash Purchase Only)
8000 Banner Ads Credit,
12000 Text Ads Credit,
4000 Traffic Exchange Surfing
Maturity up to 110%
Max Advt Packs Unlimited
Daily Earnings up to 2.5%
No Repurchase Rule
Gamma Membership Required 0.03btc/month
5% Referral Commission (On Cash Purchase Only)
12000 Banner Ads Credit,
18000 Text Ads Credit,
6000 Traffic Exchange Surfing
Note : Member can purchase any Advt Pack Plan first...No Rule to purchase Advt Pack 1 to go higher plans
For more information Click Here for Plan Details
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