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March 11, 2017
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What is AdsCrypto?

AdsCrypto is an Online Advertising plus Revenue Sharing program which is designed by keeping in mind the rapid growth of RevShare and Cryptocurrency Industry

We Sell Digital Advertising Services. Some of our services include Banner ads, Text ads, Login ads, Traffic Exchange ads, Cashlink ads etc. You may use these services to advertise your Business/ Program /Product to all members and visitors of our site.

Online Advertising Industry
This statistic contains data on the worldwide advertising expenditure from 2007 to 2016 with almost 20% of this is used on digital advertising. Predictions are that global digital ad spending would reach 252.02 billion U.S. dollars by 2018.
Crypto Currency - The Future
With the recent boom in Bitcoin, people start realising that it is the best source of keeping the assets and use as payment system. Currently bitcoin's market cap is 16Billion USD and all the indicators showing that bitcoin can acquire a Market cap of more than 1 trillion USD in next few years.
Why AdsCrypto?
After being the part of RevShare Industry for more than two years gained enough experience and knowledge of how to make and run a long term RevShare. We build AdsCrypto keeping in mind the following three main points

1) Quality and Cost effective Advertising Services
2) A Long Term and Stable Profit Sharing Plan
3) Experienced and Honest Admins
4) External Revenue Sources

Quality and Cost effective Advertising Services

We are providing the necessary tools of digital marketing like Banner ads, Text ads, Login ads, Traffic Exchange ads, Solo ads, Advt Pack Ads, Cash Link ads, Withdraw Ads, Logout Ads etc. Members can use these services to advertise their Business to all the targeted audience with GEO tagging feature at the unrealistically cheap rates

A Long Term and Stable Profit Sharing Plan

We finalized our Revenue Sharing plan after week's long discussion and mathematical calculations to make sure it is financially stable for longer period of time Click Here for Plan Details

Experienced and Honest Admins

We have more than Six years of experience in Online Network Marketing, 2+ years in Rev Share Industry and 1+ year in Cryptocurrency Trading. After huge success in Network Marketing with recruiting 1000's of members in different online programs and almost making 10x profit in Cryptocurrency Trading we decided to make our own platform where we can help others to achieve their financial freedom.

External Revenue Sources

We are using our Cryptocurrency Trading experience to generate external revenue source for our program, by trading in cryptocurrencies on average we are generating 1.5%-2% daily profit which will be used as an external income source along with income from selling all advertising products.

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