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March 11, 2017
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Great Site :)
-Anbuselvan Malaiyalan
One of the best run websites I've had the pleasure to use. Everything is done in the background almost instantly in regard to the advertising you place and I am getting new customers and results from a small but growing member base. If this much focus is kept up in customer service and you love Bitcoin like myself, I would predict AdsCrypto will be a leader in BTC revshare space. Well done guys!
-Clinton Fernandez
to tylko ja
-Adrian Kardas
Very good advertising platform.If you need to promote your business,idea,blog,website this is the place.And the great thing is that you will earn from your Advertising here.Future is bright! :)
-Danail Stefanov
Best one
-Roshan Vithanage
This will be something Big!
-Agus Santoso
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